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The designer is from the South

This is how we talk when you are from the country. Lol

All hoodies are custom-made and come in any and all colors listed. If you would like a special color for the words or hoodie, please leave in the notes when purchasing.

**Thanksgiving cheer.** Gather around the table in style, and let your family make a statement in these matching hoodies. As you share your gratitude and enjoy delicious dishes these hoodies will spark joy and smiles all around.

It's a great way to enhance your family pictures and create lasting memories. The holiday season is all about cherishing moments with your loved ones, and these hoodies will make those moments even more special. Whether you're taking family photos or gathered together at Medea's house, you'll create memories to treasure. Here are some of the sayings that almost every family gathering say or thinking. Why not express it with a sense of humor hoodie.

Holidays In The South Hoodies

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